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I've been avoiding facebook for years, but since I am getting back into it I thought I'd share where I'll be going next to post my work and keep in touch with my friends. This way me leaving dA won't truly be goodbye!

Thanks for all the love guys!! <3
Don't know if anyone reads these anymore or still actively follows, but I'm calling it quits on dA. I am very grateful for everything this community has given me. Without this place to share my work and grow as an artist, I'd never have become as competent as I am now. So thanks for all the long years of love, support and inspiration from all of you. :)

I'm not sure where I'll be heading next ... I've removed my tumblr as well, and can no longer access my twitter so I'm not sure where to go after this. I'm trying to rebuild myself, and I'm starting a new life back in my homeland so a million things are changing for me. I felt like it was a good time to start again with a clean slate.

If you guys want to friend me on linkedin, that's about the only place I can think that you may be able to find me and message me right now.…
Btw, if any of you know any studios in SF looking for artists, I will currently be on the prowl for new work very soon. ;)

Thanks again for all your support! I'll leave this up for a couple days then deactivate.
Peach Mork <3
I'm taking just 5 commissions for a limited time! just 40$ for a full color character design with a simplistic background, similar to something like this!
 Jem Redesigned: Truly Outrageous by peach-mork
Order a commission within the next 48 hours and I'll send you a full breakdown of the initial sketch, linework and color tests before reaching the final product; It'll be like a mini-tutorial for any of those interested in how I approach my work. :)
Please send me a note with the details; paypal requests only!
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I'm still considering doing some adoptables stuff as well as a sort of test to see how it works out. Anyone interested in some monster girls or mermaids?? :D Let me know if you have any requests/ideas you would like me to try!

:heart: Peach

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Chibi moon's now at my store!! Special link for free shipping + $5 off all mobile phone cases!
Advertisement by peach-mork
There's totes available as well as Duvet covers!! I'm really excited about that addition. I want to buy so many!
Please please support me! Will be adding in my Jem designs as well!
Cheers! -Peach

Find me in all these places!
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I think is sooo important for artists to read this, because it is literally the best and only advice I think you'll really ever need.
I realized this the hard way after suffering through an industry that really squelched my motivation. For three+ years I worked hard in the industry here in Vancouver, moved up, changed studios ...  I eventually could no longer draw for myself at home. I felt so unmotivated and I didn't understand why. I slipped into depression and battled with this for the past two years, desperately trying to find a way to feel like myself again. I even went back to school for 3D, hoping to invest myself in a project I'd been dreaming of, but ended up finding school was almost as creatively crippling as my job. After a really rough 8 months I went back into almost exactly the same job I had left, but was on an even worse project than before ... those months were dark for me.

I kept telling myself that once I started moving up more, once I had more money, I'd feel better, more secure. The mediocrity of the work and the endless routine felt like a desk office job that I'd never ever wanted. I got to a very low point and became excessively reclusive and unsocial ... all the artists I talked to were early into the industry like me and told me to just keep my head down and keep drawing, and all the veterans I knew expected me to end up bitter and miserable like them. I was worse than that; it felt like something had ripped the light out of me.
This last job I took was the last straw; the deadlines I had been facing were unimaginable, and the subject matter bothered me in more ways than just aesthetics. I was an affiliate in not only product pushing, but pushing the ethics and ideologies of something I flat out didn't believe in. I had to find a way out. There was no other way around it.

That's when I got the luckiest break: some friends of mine from my old job recommended me to a company where I got some excellent freelance work. The work was fun and easy, and I had made myself more money doing a few drawings than I would end up making working 3 months at my curent job. I thought of all the ways I could use the money; to save up, to buy things I wanted, but on a three day weekend my sister and I started talking about the games we'd been wanting to make; plans that we'd had even before I got into the industry. We realized I could quit my job and have enough money to keep us going until September. I gave my two weeks notice the next day. My superiors argued with me, some people even begged me to stay, offered any payment I asked for, but I couldn't stomach working like this anymore. I realized after all the struggling I'd done to make sure my sister and I never wound up in the street was fruitless; I'd focused more on the money than on my motivation, and in the end I didn't have much of either. Taking care of myself and my mental health was more important than anything else I could ever do, I realized. Money is only a biproduct of work, and if you can't enjoy your work in any way, especially as an artist, eventually you won't be able to work at all.

Since I've been taking this time off to develop my game, I had the privilege to see Rami Ismail do a talk at the FullIndie Summit this August; he said that you only need 3 things to make an indie game: A computer, money, and motivation. A computer is necessary, and you need money to get one; money is necessary to keep you afloat and pay for the computer. Computers can be obtained fairly easily, money comes and goes but motivation, he said, is the most essential thing we need to keep us going forward.
This is everything. Motivation, mental health, taking care of yourself ... this is what is most important. Skill can be honed, money can be earned, computers can be bought, but motivation is something inside of you, a light that you've got to keep burning, even in the darkest times of your life.

I count myself lucky for all the trials I've had to go through to come this far. My previous self a few years ago would be terrified of what I'm doing right now; staying at home with an unsure future ahead of me, no fulltime employment to count on ... but I have my motivation back now, and I'm working on something that I really like and want to do; I think the risk is worth the satisfaction.

Hahaha wow tl;dr ... Anyway I got a bit personal there but It just feels good to see another professional talking about the essentials; nothing else helped me like realizing what was most important. I'm not joking when I say that it literally saved my life haha.

Daphne-turnaroundsm by peach-mork

AND OH YEAH! Daphne's turnaround! ... lol Happy Friday everyone. :D
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... but guys I'm posting a lot on twitter! It's now my go-to place for talking with peeps as well as posting up development/art!

Fight-idle2 by peach-mork
I'm posting very WIP things like this, lol. Hope to see you there!
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UGP-sboard by peach-mork

I'm now in the boarding stage for the Ugly trailer while my programming-savvy sister is currently setting up the blocking for the first level!
For those of you who don't know, this is planned to be a game for mobile. It's a fully 2D animated platformer/sidescroller with rpg elements here and there.

Since we're on the topic of games, what is it that YOU look for in a good, fun mobile game? Something simple and cute? A story you can get lost in? Or something easy to pull yourself away from? Do you like a game with variety or something straightforward? Let's talk about it!

And be sure to follow our devblog HERE! Cheers!
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You know you've been waiting your whole life for this!

Freeshippingmoon by peach-mork

There's a deal going on for free shipping, and I've made all these retro hipstery versions of these ladies for some totes and such! Go buy some! :D


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UGLY IS COMING by peach-mork
Hey guys!

It's been forevs--I've been working away at my industry jobs for the past year, and after all my work and effort I've got a bit of a buffer -- a four month buffer to be exact.
What am I planning to do with this four month buffer, you ask? Many thoughts passed through my mind; savings, a car, investing, but I soon realized I've been given a rare and unique chance! I have enough time to start REALLY working on what I've always dreamed of doing--and after this last week of work I will be living it! I'M GOING TO BE MAKING A GAME! :D

Yessir! Me and my sister/partner in crime Kitty will be creating content to develop our first mobile game, which may in fact star a particular OC I developed in my school days:
Portfolio: Ugly Princess by peach-mork

There will be adventures, cheeky humor, and medieval mayhem! Come watch our dev blog and help support us as we try our best--and hardest--to be living the dream!!

Brace yourselves, Ugly is coming!

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Peach is on society6! I've updated my work and am now selling it on cool stuff.
A fantastic artist and friend of mine just published an art book!!

Promo1 by the-Tooninator

Such a deal! Do yourself a favor and buy a copy!!
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Oh wow was I ever surprised to come to dA and find that this had gotten a Daily Deviation! I am totally honored!!
Maeda Environment Concept by peach-mork

I honestly struggle a lot when it comes to environments--characters have always been my thing but the latest project I've been working on has been pushing me to work harder! It's called the ISHTAR Project. I am currently in the development stage, putting together all the concepts and designs I'll need to move onto actual production of the actual trailer, and when that rolls around I'll be starting a Kickstarter so that I can pay people to help animate, build and add the finishing touches to my short! I know I can't do this daunting project all on my own, so I'll be looking for people to recruit in the future! :)

Thanks to this DD I am further inspired to push forward with this project, and will be posting more work in the future!
Thank you everyone very much for the watches, faves and comments I receive. It really means a lot to me. Working full time leaves little opportunity to actually respond in the ways I want to, so just ... THANK YOU. Your support means the world. It really does.
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It's 2013! Hah!

That is all.
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Help! I need this: Fig perfume from Tenzing and Momo; I forgot it at hotel. I'll compensate!!

Btw, my Seattle trip was amazing.
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I will be getting back to a lot of you guys soon! I've been so busy lately!
By the way, I got my camera last weekend! It's a Nikon D70 with a 28-80mm lens! I got it for only 250. I'm going to be taking so many pictures this week!
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Hey everyone!!
I know some of you out there must know some things about photography. I'm looking to invest in a good camera (probably a Nikon or Canon) I know the lens I want but I'm not sure which brand (or model) to choose!
I am interested in a 50mm lens for some extreme close ups with bokeh (but also be able to take some nice landscape shots as well). I've been looking at these flickrs for inspiration……

I am a newbie to photography but i want to invest in a good and sturdy camera (also reasonably priced) something not too expensive but is of a professional quality and yet is intuitive for new users.
I see a lot of these flickr users have nikon D70s, D90s etc. Anyone can verify which I should start with?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Btw, commissioners, I have not forgotten you! I am taking a little break but next week you'll see some more commissions!

<3 Peachy
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I must've done something weird to my watch list one night (probs since I was getting way too much to look through) and unchecked way too many peeps and I didn't even know who I was following anymore, or what modifications I've done (and it didn't help with all the namechanges), so I just cleaned out a lot of peeps and re-added them! So if I've just added you again it's because I wasn't getting your updates and I wanted to keep getting them!!
There was a weird phase not too long ago with dA figuring out their own system. It's a bit friendlier now, so I'm going to try to be more active again. I've got some more Jem fanstuff coming up, as well as more attempts to do more concept-style rendering. Boring for some, but I gotta keep practicing!!

Anyway, just a venting post really. Happy autumn!!
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So today we got to see a screening of the Monster High 3D shows and I was excited since I worked on the beginning of it last year before I took 8 months off for school. I'm now on another project, and we were seeing a show I was not directly a part of ('Ghouls Rule' --- I had worked on 'Why Do Ghoul's Fall in Love') but I got to see all the minor characters (or should I say 'monsters') that I designed on the big screen; I never realized how much I had been a part of this show's inception 'till I got to see it today, and I must say that I'm very proud to have my name on that!

So any of you guys or ghouls out there, if you haven't seen it, just go take a look at some of our work! It's on youtube right now! Even the episode is right here, and I realized today that it's in like 26 languages!!…

I designed those ghosts, those bats, that ice statue, all those minor chars roaming around! I got to design Gil, Clawd, and Mannytaur into 3D! It may seem small to some, but it was the first time I ever really got to see my design work on screen! It's a good feeling. I can't wait 'till what you guys see what I'm working on now at Nerdcorps, but you'll have to wait 'till March. ;)

I'll try to upload some of the MH char sheets I did soon. Ghouls rule!!
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OMG GUYS you gotta support one of my fav artists in the world!! Enrique Fernandez!! :iconenriquefernandez:

Buy his comic BRIGADA now or it'll never get made!! Only a few days left to get your hands on this gem!………
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